Seven Colours Photography | Weddings

Your wedding is the most important day in your life (so far) and you want to make it special. Photography is part of that preparation.

I treat every wedding as a unique event, tailored to suit the bride and groom. When we have a discussion about the day, I will come up with ideas and suggestions and you will have your own ideas as well. Between us we can build a plan to make sure we get all the important shots you want.

I generally try to shoot photojournalisticly... that is, I don't want people to know that I am shooting them. I want to be able to be invisible and just capture what's happening. It's all about building a story about your day, not just the formal pictures but pictures of people laughing and crying and playing.

Photography has it's fashions and gimmicks like anything else but I try to capture pictures that will still look interesting in 30 years time.


Typically I go through the following process with a wedding but this can be changed to suit you.


1. Meet with the couple (sometimes they like to bring a mum/friend as well) for a zero pressure chat. I often suggest to people that they meet with 2-3 other photographers so that they end up working with the right person for them. Once the couple book me I take a deposit and issue a contract.

2. Arrange a pre-wedding shoot. This is an informal shoot at the beach or a park, somewhere you feel comfortable. It gets you used to being in front of the camera and is less hectic than the actual wedding day. You will receive a hardback printed coffee table book as well as a dvd slideshow with music and all of the original images.


3. Arrange for you to bring over the rings so that I can take some close up shots. You are unlikely to take them off again after the wedding so now is the right time to capture them.


4. Optionally, I can arrange for a signature board to be printed. This is usually a 16x12 picture placed onto a top quality white card mount. I will bring it in a frame with me to the wedding but without the glass. Your guests and family can sign the board around the picture and put their own comments. At the end of the wedding I take it away and have it framed properly and return it you. It's a lovely way of remembering the day.

5. I always visit the venue a few weeks before the wedding and meet with the wedding organiser and plan out how to approach the day.

6. I check in with the couple a week before the wedding. Sometimes people come up with new requirements and ideas. Sometimes they just want to check everything.

7.  Finally, the day of the wedding arrives and it's time to start clicking!

8. Optionally, I can arrange for a second photographer to come in and we set up a photobooth. This comprises of a 9 foot wide paper roll on a frame and 4 flash guns. I also bring silly hats and props and it is great fun. We also have an event printer and can instantly produce top quality 9x6 colour prints. All of the pictures are proivided to you after the wedding in a coffee table book and dvd slideshow.


9. After the wedding and your honeymoon I will make your pictures available to you on this website in a password protected gallery. This allows you to view the pictures but to also mark the ones you wish to go into the album. I leave it up to you whether you use me to produce the album for you or not, after all, the images are yours.

Every couple is different and I always encourage them to discuss what they would ideally like for their day.